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Meeting Organisation

A large part of the work is carried out by our team to make the process easier for you and so that you save time. All you need to do is to complete the following steps and take advantage of our know-how.
Stage 1: Presentation Form

Suppliers and Buyers fill out the presentation form online, respectively detailing their technical skills, needs and lines of inquiry. Registration will be then validated once we have received the supplier order form or the buyer registration either by fax or post. We then send you your login details and password so that if necessary you can change your form, all modifications must be completed beforeMonday 21st October 2024.

Stage 2: Technical Catalogue PCH Meetings 2024

When the technical catalogue goes online (Friday23rd october 2024) you will have access to the presentation forms of the suppliers and buyers participating in the business convention, as well as the detailed conference program. You will be able to select the participants that you would like to meet, and also highlight those you do not want to meet (you can only refuse to meet with certain companies at this stage, not after). You also need to specify your availability and select the conferences that you would like to attend by Wenesday 6th November 2024

Stage 3: Your personalized meeting schedule

According to your choices, those you don’t want to meet and your availability, we will put together your meetings and conferences schedule which you will receive via e-mail Wenesday 20th November 2024

Stage 4: PCH Meetings 2024

Each participant must keep to their meeting schedule. The meetings last 30 minutes and will take place in individual stands guaranteeing you both tranquility and privacy. On site, the organization team will be at your entire disposal for any extra meetings that you may need arranging or to answer any of your questions.