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Partner and support of PCH Meetings

Axelera, a cluster operating at the crossroads of the chemical, environmental, and energy sectors, supports innovation and international development initiatives to enhance the competitiveness of industrial companies. Based in Lyon, France, a global chemical-industry hub, Axelera has built a strong foundation across France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


Axelera’s 350 membership encompasses businesses of all sizes, research labs and institutes, and providers of education and training to students and professionals in the chemical and environmental sectors.
Our members are experts in their fields:
• Materials, chemicals, and finished-product manufacturers
• Equipment and systems manufacturers and integrators
• Industrial services like process engineering, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance
• Environmental services like water, air, and ground pollution and other waste management
• Chemical and environmental sector laboratories and technical centers
• Training in chemistry and environment

Dominique NOCART - Rédacteur en Chef de la revue EUREKA Flash Info
Référent au sein de l'équipe PCH Meetings : conseiller pour l'établissement des nomenclatures et la recherche des fournisseurs ; formations métiers et thématiques pour l'équipe organisatrice de PCH Meetings. 

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