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  • November 27 - 28, 2024

    November 27 - 28, 2024

    Double Mixte - Lyon - France

    20th International business convention

    For Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petroleum-chemical industries

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The 20th edition will focus on the optimisation of processes, equipment, utilities, energy sobriety, decarbonisation and hydrogen for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

As in the November 2022 edition, INTERMAINTENANCE and WASTE Meetings will take place this year 2023 at the same time and at the same venue as PCH Meetings.

The synergies and feedback from these two other complementary events are increasingly evident and also allow exchanges with different sectors of chemistry, pharmacy and petrochemicals.

Solutions and Innovations dedicated to maintenance for INTERMAINTENANCE (5th edition) -

 Recycling, treatment and recovery of waste for WASTE Meetings (6th edition) -

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PCH Meetings is a free event for contractors who are supported by our organization (accomodation and transport package, unique in France) with fully equipped stands for exhibitors.
Thus, we give strong arguments to contractors in order to convince their sites more easily to let them participate in this convention that combines time savings, efficiency and "return on investment business trip".

We put forward a "nomenclature skills-needs" recognized in equipment, processes, utilities, energy efficiency and renewable energies, essential, will eventually convince you that our language is technical and professional for trade exchanges of quality.

PCH Meetings is a human-sized event that focuses on the quality and personalization of the contact: relevant, targeted and effective appointments that save you more than just time. The exclusive organization of meetings between suppliers and contractors, as well as the methodology of the business convention, guarantee high value-added interviews.

Excerpt from this nomenclature:

  • Production/Processes

  • Utilities / Networks / Production Environment

  • Energy Efficiency – Decarbonization

  • Hydrogen: Technologies, Applications and Innovations: Technologies, Applications and Innovations

  • Packaging / Packaging / Logistics

  • Project Management / Consulting / Expertise / Training