The Technical Catalogue

On Monday 2nd March 2020, the technical catalogue will be available online and sent to you via e-mail. Before Monday 16th March 2020 you will need to state your availability, your conference choices, your meeting choices and also the companies that you do not wish to meet with.


Click here to access the PCH Meetings 2020 technical catalogue (available soon)

In order to access your online file, fill out your profile, login details and passwords on the welcome page.

Click on the section « CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS »

first of all select the conferences that you would like to attend, state your availability and with the help of the search engine and the presentation forms, select the representative that you would like to have a formal meeting with, highlight those you do not wish to see.
Please note that if you’re a buyer you can select up to 6 conferences if you are participating over 2 days and 3 conferences if you’re participating just 1 day; If you are the only representative on your file and you wish to attend a technical conference , you will not be able to organize a meeting in the same time slot.

SAVE YOUR CHANGES every time you leave a section.